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History of the tenor saxophone *PART 0.9*

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Hello saxophone lovers,

hello to the ones that are just curious too and welcome to the: HISTORY OF THE TENOR SAXOPHONE *PART 0.9*.


As I wrote in the previous post HISTORY OF THE TENOR SAXOPHONE *PART 0.0* I will guide you trough the history of this wonderful instrument, the TENOR SAXOPHONE!

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that this is a little work and and it is my personal view based on researches I made. Of-course a lot can be added and for sure I’ll forgot somethings and somebody 😉 that’s why this is not meant to be the “ONLY HISTORY” and why I invite you all to comment or add informations!

Lets start then!

Here the summary of posts that will follow:

1.0-Birth of the saxophone;

2.0-Technical Function and Saxophone parts;

3.0-The saxophone: “Why it sounds so good in jazz?

4.0-Relevant historical moment for the tenor saxophone;

5.0-Before Coleman Hawkins;

6.0-The Hawkins disciples;

7.0-The sound of Lester Young and the West Coast School;

8.0-The era of the Tenor Saxophone;

9.0-Coltrane: from Tonal music to Free;

10.0-After Coltrane;

11.0-Our days: XXI sec..

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See you soon!