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Winedays et Tuentitrendi 18/09/16

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Osteria Agricola Toscana is glad to annonce his partecipation in WINEDAYS “the new tasting experience tour” on Saturday 17th September 12-10pm and Sunday 18th September 12-8pm.


Twenties Dresscode party in Osteria
As you can see, the event is “.. et TUENTITRENDI”, it means, yes, twenty trendy, a special sunday evening from 6pm until 8pm with twenties music played by Angelo Gregorio.
So, take your twentiest dress and join us.
Music, food and wine. Nothing’s better.


**** EACH “WONDERFUL” DISH = €10 ****

“Winedays “the new tasting experience tour” is a wine and food event in the European capital which involves extraordinary locations, top-quality products, passion and sharing. Thanks to this amazing itinerant tour, all participants, restaurants and wine producers will enjoy an authentic and international experience in occasion of the annual Car‐free Sunday.

Participants only need to purchase the Winedays celebratory glass with its neck strap in any of the participating venues, along with tokens for wine and food, to be ready to start this delicious walking tour. The ten iconic restaurants/wine bars will propose special dishes and tapas, paired with a selected Barbera d’Asti DOCG, a great Italian wine from the Piedmont region. The Winedays experience will be spiced up by concerts, live performances and other activities coordinated by the venues.

The wine and food offer proposed by each restaurant/wine bar includes:
– 1 Barbera d’Asti DOCG wine promoted directly by the own producer | €4 each glass
– 2 special dishes chosen by the restaurant/wine bar | €10 each dish

At each restaurant/wine bar the public will be able to meet the producer of the Barbera d’Asti DOCG served in that venue.
This represents a great opportunity to discover the history and the vineyards of this unique wine, its territory and organoleptic peculiarities.
Winedays will take place in Brussels around the European
district, Place Jourdan, Ixelles and Place Flagey on
Saturday 12-10pm | Sunday 12-8pm”