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Teaser Album Release Check it NOW!

Angelo Gregorio **album release teaser** SHARE & 👍

After 3 years and a half of concerts Angelo Gregorio (t&s sax) with Julien Gillain (organ) and Lucas Vanderputten (drums) are ready to present the first records of “Ceci n’est pas un trio”.

Eleven tracks of jazz standards and original compositions from Angelo Gregorio that fully represent this sparkling band. Six guests to enrich and bring more swing to the records: Carla Piombino (voice), Fanny Perche (t sax), Elias Schiva (t sax), Ruben Hernandez (trp), Julien Guilloux (trb) and Antoine Guiot (dbass).

The full album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more…very soon, so stay tuned and follow me on my site and on Facebook!

Album recorded by Fabrizio Tognazzini mixed by Francesco Blasigapproved by Artesuono Recording Studios


Teaser video credit:
**Audio: “It could happen to you” (Jimmy Van-Heusen) played by Ceci n’est pas un trio
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