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Showcase/Exam at Conservatory 17/06/16 at 13h20

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Hello followers,

I’ll be presenting at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels for my MASTER EXM my new project for my next album that will be out next year.

This is a project basd on the Greek point of view of the four elements, it is a mix between jazz and classic, a full voyage into the essence of lifeĀ and human been.

All is written by me and I will be playing with Julien Gillain on Organ, Lucas Vanderputten on Drums plus a great String Quartet, Jennifer Pio, Marie-Agnes Gruber, Lucile Buffet, PierreBeaubatie.


WHERE: Conservatorie Royal de Bruxelles Rue du Chene 17, 1000 Bruxelles

WHEN: 17/06/16 @ 13h20

FEE: free entrance