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Orizzonte in Trio – Buy it if you like it

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Hello again guys,

here I’m again for another MUSICAL STORY, this time is about my composition Orizzonte in Trio.

You have to know that I wrote this song in the late 2008 when I was still in Italy. I was one at the port of my beautiful town Salerno and I was looking at the horizon and there were some seagulls dancing and I had in mind this melody since some days…BANG…I had to come back immediately at home…I needed a piano…RIGHT NOW!

After this composition was born she had to wait many years to be recorded. The version you will hear down here is the first version recorded in an amazing recording studio of Brussel the famous IGLOO.

I recorded in this studio with two great musicians one is my best friend OLIVIER FANUEL his is an amazing bass-player. The other is Alois Weyler from Luxemburg! The session was great and the studio guys were great, not always super friendly but was ok!

The second time I recorded this song was in a total different way, I wanted to re-arrange the song for LOOPING it live with just my saxophone in the album “Searching for the Roots“.

Well guys story is over, hope you like it, I’m waiting for your comments about Orizzonte in Trio – Buy it if you like it 😉