**for big & special events**

The “Orchestra Italiana Bruxelles” is the “Italian Big Band  of Brussels”. Born from an idea of the Conductor and Arranger Angelo Gregorio. The “OIB” counts 15 musicians from woodwinds to brass, strings, singers and rhythm section plus the percussion. The repertoire proposes a selection of Italian swing songs from the 20/30/40 without forgetting the famous melody known all over the world like “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, “Parole Parole” and many more. By choosing this option you will choose:

·       Female Voice ·       Alto sax
·       Male Voice ·       Trumpet
·       Violin ·       Trombone
·       Cello ·       Piano
·       1st Clarinet ·       Doublebass
·       2nd Clarinet ·       Percussion
·       1st Tenor sax ·       Drums
·       2nd Tenor sax ·       Conductor

Technical information:

Stage:  minimum 8m x 5m;

Electricity:  required;

Duration:  on demand (max 2h30 of music);

Amplification: not included in the. An Audio Service (with sound engineer) is needed. And they will have to respect our technical needs, that we will send upon request.

Transport: included in Brussels area.

Cost: ask for the prize list through this FORM