**ideal for medium and big events**

this option is available also in duo or trio

The “Italian Jazz Group” it a special ensemble established by Angelo Gregorio to offer a musical entertainment with the most beautiful Italian songs from the ’30 ‘til the ’60, Nel blu dipinto di blu, Parole parole, Buonasera signorina, Estate and many others. Music is arranged and performed in a new jazzy and smooth way that will enchant your guests and will deliver an extraordinary experience that can be both concert or musical background. By choosing this option you will choose:

  • Saxophone or Voice (you choose);
  • Guitar or Electric Piano (depending on availability) guitar/piano will have a little amplifier;
  • Electric Bass or Double Bass (depending on availability) e-bass/dbass will have a little amplifier;
  • Small jazz Drum Set (Please keep in mind that the drums is a jazz drum and not a rock one, this means that is not noisy at all contrariwise with the drum you will ensure to your guests a great and tasteful LIVE music experience).

The repertoire will be Italian song plus jazz standards, main stream jazz music and Latin music, 2 musical requests possible – available on demand and on availability.

Technical information:

Space: minimum 8 m2;

Electricity: required;

Duration: on demand (max 3h of music);

Amplification: up to 200 guests is included in the price , for more than 200 guest an Audio Service is needed and will have an extra cost depending from the location. You can provide your audio service if you want but they will have to respect our technical needs, that we will send upon request.

Transport: included in Brussels area.

Cost: ask for the prize list through this FORM