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L’Orchestra Italiana Bruxelles

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Good morning all,

I want to tell you this other story about an idea I had in mind since one year and that at the end it came real:

THE ITALIAN BRUSSELS ORCHESTRA “L’Orchestra Italiana Bruxelles”

Well some years ago I was drinking a beer with my girlfriend and a friend of mine (a jazz pianist) and I was telling them that in Brussel I never heard about an Italian Orchestra and I was wondering why nobody thought¬†about it. The conversation ended without a reason and we finished our beers ūüėČ

After some months I still had this thought and I finally decided to try out and to see how the people in the Capital of Europe could react at this action!

I organized a website, a asked help on facebook for the logo, for ideas and so on and al lot of people gave me advices, help and a lots of supports.

Greta De Metsenaere decided to help me with the logo and gave to the Orchestra a beautiful one. She was amazing in reacting to my ideas and she made a great job! Still thanks Greta.

Another great help arrived from a wonderful arranger & guitar-player Damiano La Rocca that helped me at the audition and gave to the ensamble 3 wonderful arrangements. Thanks Damiano.

After the audition the orchestra was founded and we had the chance to present this project to an event of the Belgian ASBL “LA COMUNE DEL BELGIO“, that night a lot of person finally knew that the Orchestra Italiana was born!

I’m honored to be the conductor and the arranger of this wonderful ensamble and I know this is just the beginning!

Thanks for reading!