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Why do we play answers – BUY IT NOW

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Hello guys,

why I post this? Because there is a story behind this song and I think some one of you will like it and maybe after you will be curious to have a listen to the song!

LET’S START! Some days ago a Dutch friend of my girlfriend came to Brussel to visit us.

Her name is Vivienne Aerts. In short Vivienne is a jazz singer that studies at the Berklee College of Music of Boston and she is a really nice person.

While talking with her, about the Berklee method, we shared some ideas about harmony, chords, song-writing….and so on…musicians things 😉 we arrived at the point where we found that both of us had interest in LOOPING!!!

She showed me her project on LOOPY-HD and I let her listen to my solo sax album “Searching for the roots“! After some beers we decided to have a recording session together.

She had a text…I had some LOOP ideas…so we pushed on the REC BUTTON and what you will hear down here is the result 😉

I’m wondering you guys what do you think about this experiment, so let me know about it!

Have a nice day and listen to WHY DO WE PLAY ANSWERS – Angelo Gregorio