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International Jazz Day 30/04/18

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Osteria Agricola Toscana Bruxelles x International Jazz Day

Osteria will celebrate the international jazz day with a jazzy DINNER thanks to Angelo Gregorio quartet and Carla Piombino’s voice.
They will accompany your dinner in Osteria and you will experience a special journey which will combine live music and tuscan food in a cozy atmosphere.

Live music starts at 9 pm.
For this event RESERVATION IS REQUIRED and places are limited so be fast!
How to reserve your table?
via our website:
+32 22316407



Angelo Gregorio Quartet Ft. Carla Piombino (Voice)

International Jazz Day is celebrated annually on 30 April in more than 190 countries. The day pays tribute to the art form of jazz and its power to promote dialogue among cultures, embrace diversity, and deepen respect for human rights and all forms of expression.

Surrounded by a top Belgian & Brazilian rhythm section, the well known Italian jazz saxophonist Angelo Gregorio will celebrate the International Jazz Day inviting the charming Italian jazz singer Carla Piombino.

This incredible jazz quintet will bring you through the music they love, Jazz, Swing, Soul & Blues.

The Band:

Carla Piombino – Voice (IT)
Angelo Gregorio – Saxophones / Composition (IT)
Julien Gillain – Piano / Rodhes (BR)
Fil Caporali – Doublebass (BE)
Lucas Vanderputten – Drums (BE)

Carla Piombino and Angelo Gregorio have recently released two albums, have a look and there their music!

Carla Piombino “Take a Chance”:

Angelo Gregorio “Ceci n’est pas un trio”: