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Hello again to all of you,

I fell very fine this morning, hope you to! Here another little present for you all FREE TO DOWNLOAD! The new track “For Bikers Only“.

Will I tell you the story of this song too? OK, but just because you are asking to badly! ūüėČ

After the “15 Minutes at Home” song, I decided that before my holidays I would have recorded another song in CREATIVE COMMONS, hope you will like it…ahh the story.

Yes the story…this years I was caught by some piano voicing I’ve been studying and every time I’m at the piano I play this chords changes with this voicing, and they sound so¬†GOOOOOD¬†so¬†PURE¬†so¬†GENTLY¬†and¬†DEEP!¬†ps: the chords changes are the same of a great jazz standard…Lady Day made a great version of this standard…guess ūüėČ

Like the other song, I said to myself “Why should I play just piano, let’s record the piano add some beats¬†some pads and lets play saxophone over it“. After a while I wrote the little melody, you’ll hear at the beginning and in the B part too. Thats it pretty simple and spontaneous!

But why this name “For Bikers Only”?

Well this is a bit hard to explain, I’ll try. I recorded the song and I was walking with the iPod listening to the song (checking the sound on the little apple-headphones) and I saw a street sign like this one in the pictures and I liked the way it was designed, I know it seems crazy but it has its own scharm. Lets continue, after some minutes I start to think that the sign would have been a great song cover, but due the fact that I always try to match (with this type of songs) the title with the video I was wondering which kind of video I could have make….Uhmmmm…..Uhmmmm…….nothing!

Some hours later I was in the car and looking in rear mirror I saw a bikers behind me and that was the CLICK!

Why do not make a video of the back of the car to give a different view!?! A view that you don’t see often except if you are a child or a dogs ūüėČ a view the bikers DO NOT HAVE!

I called¬†For Biker Only¬†because bikers do not have the rear mirror and they don’t really know what is happening behind their back…hope you enjoy!!

I want to share this with you because I think some of you will like it, you can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE and use it for your slide show pictures, for your videos, for relaxing, for sharing, it CREATIVE COMMONS! FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS!!!

If you want to see the youtube video and share it scroll down!

Please let me know if you like it, and if so I will record more FREE song!

To download click the arrow button on the photo (right corner)!

Angelo Gregorio: Ten. Saxophone & Production