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FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS “get your track now”

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Hello guys,

this time I do not have a story to tell but I would like to present a song a recorded yesterday, but fist I have to tell you a story…AHHHH there is always a story to tell 😉

Some weeks ago I went to Germany, Duisburg to visit one of my best friend a great drummer Giuseppe Mautone (his is an incredible song writer too!!) and during the evening another great friend of mine Christian Finzel (terrible guitar player) showed me a picking on Giuseppe’s Guitar and after some tries I was able to play it!

We had a great evening!!! Happy birthday JEPPO!!

When I was back home in Brussels I immediately start every day to play this picking over some chords with the guitar tuning in open D (like Joni Mitchell does in big yellow taxi). Came out this wonderful and relaxing harmonic movement really easy to listen!

I said to my self “would be really cool to record it and make some music over it with my sax!” The result is 15 Minutes at Home.

Now why did I call this song in this way? Well the reason it is simple, I was listen to the song before exporting the project from Logic and I was, at the same time, looking outside my windows….BANG….BANG…BANG…I had this idea to make a time-lapse of this big cross in front of my house, and I thought could be interesting to have a fast video with a very relaxing song. Hope you liked it!

Well that’s the story of the song, let me know what do you think!

I want to share this with you because I think some of you will like it, you can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE and use it for your slide show pictures, for your videos, for relaxing, for sharing, it CREATIVE COMMONS! FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS!!!

I made a you tube video based on the song, if you want to see and share it scroll down!

Please let me know if you like it, and if so I will record more FREE song!

To download click the arrow button on the photo (right corner)!

Angelo Gregorio: Alto Sax and Guitar;