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Dancing Italian Jazz Standards 28/09/18

Facebook event:

Dancing Italian Jazz Standard is organized by the Orchestra Italiana Bruxelles and will bring together international acclaimed jazz performer as well as upcoming Italian jazz artists with the intent to create an unique show where people can both dance and enjoy the italian music and culture in a festive and multicultural atmosphere.

This event will showcase a wide range of Italian jazz songs from the “Golden Era”. This period goes from 1930 until 1970 and represents one of the most productive moment for “Il Bel Paese” in terms of songs and beautiful melodies that will become well known all over the world.

It’s about songs such as Nel blu dipinto di blu, Parole Parole, Buonasera Signorina, Estate, Voglio Vivere Cosi and many others.

Dancing Italian Jazz Standards engages the public, support local businesses and the arts, and provides educational and economic benefits for our community.

before the concert the OIB musicians will welcome all the children that wants to discover instruments and music in a friendly and creative workshop called “discover the orchestra”.

IMPORTANT: parents have to send a message to subscribe their children!

Discover the Orchestra: 18h30 (for children till 15y/old ONLY)
Doors Opens: 19h30
Concert starts: 20h30

Online sales: 13€ (available 29/08/19) [guaranteed entry]
At the door: 15€ [NOT guaranteed entry]
until 15 years OLD: FREE ENTRANCE

We thought to create a pre-order form for tickets!
Here’s the link:
About the : Orchestra Italiana Bruxelles (OIB)

Born in 2013 with 16 musicians, the echoes of this new Italian Orchestra arrives until the office of the Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU and on June the 4th 2015 the OIB plays a concert for them in the theatre of the Italian Institute of Culture of Brussels.

On June the 19th 2016 the Orchestra is called to represent Italy for the 70th Anniversary of the Italian-Belgian agreements on labour migration which took place in Molenbeek at the Karreveld Castle.

Later on the Committee of the Italian Expats in Brussels (Com.It.Es) wants the OIB to become the official orchestra of the renomated italian event “Grand Bal d’Italie” which is held every year since 2016 in the royal palace of the Gaulois in Brussels.