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Angelo Gregorio with SANDRO JOYEUX – Bouillon Kube – Bruxelles

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 Here I’m again,

some days ago I was called by one of the founder of the Belgian ASBL URCA, and he proposed me to play some songs with the unique guitar & singer song-writer SANDRO JOYEUX. As first thing I said “WHO IS THIS SANDRO JOYEAUX?” and once I was back home I started checking out who this artist was. Here a short sentence of his BIO:

In 2004 Sandro moves to Lille, that year European Capital of Culture. There, he founds the 100Dromadaires, an afro-reggae band. But Sandro wants to see Mali, and so he goes there in 2005. For the first time, he has the opportunity to study together with his masters: he learns the Mandingue style, plays at local festivals (Sumu), records a song with some Bamako musicians, learns dialects: Bambara, Wolof, Malinke. The most beautiful memory of this travel is when he goes to visit Boubacar Traore, his idol. «Boubacar receives me in his courtyard and offers me some tea. Kar Kar music changed my life and now I’m there singing his songs for him and his family. Inebriated by his laughs and lulled by his hospitality, I enjoy this so awaited moment». 

After a while I was really excited to have the pleasure to play with him at this event for URCA ASBL!

When I met him for the sound check I discovered a nice and gentle guy playing the guitar with an unique and impressive technique. He was sited on the sofa playing and singing one of his song, next to him there was his producers which was also his bass-player fro that night, Mauro Romano.

We immediately liked each-other and we had some discussion about life and about Naples and so on…in other words it was going to be an awesome concert!

Angelo Gregorio with SANDRO JOYEUX – Bouillon Kube – Bruxelles

After eating a wonderful meal from the mom of one of the organizer we started the concert. When he started to play all the crowd was screaming and dancing. I enjoyed the concert very much especially when he called me on stage to play some songs!

At the end of the night he gave me his CD and everytime I put it on it like going travel with him!!

 See you soon with another story!