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Angelo Gregorio with George Garzone & Teo Ciavarella

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Hello all,

here again with another STORY this time a CONCERT STORY with one of the great saxophonist of this era GEROGE GARZONE!

Maybe you are wondering how do I know this amazing saxophonist and why he would invite me to play at one his concert, isn’t it? 😉


In the late 2009 I met Geroge at a jazz work-shop in Laurino “Jazz in Laurino“. Due the fact that part of my family comes from this village I kwno very well the organizer and he asked me to be the Garzone’s Translator for the 2009 editions. Well as you can image we were hanging around together all the time and he taught me a lot of stuff about playing and about life too…the Grand Marnier was helping us 😉

To be short I just tell you that after this work-shop he gave me as a gift his MOUTH-PIECE “Jody Jazz n°10” ebonite, this was a great moment for me. Since that day I’m playing this mouth-piece and I really found my sound, still thanks George!

But let’s come back to the actual story, this concert in bologna!

Some weeks ago I was taking with George on skype he was telling me about a concert and a recording session in Bologna with one of his friend “Teo Ciavarella” and he invited me to Bologna to see him and to hang around with him. I immediately booked my flight Brussel – Bologna and I met him there! What a weekend!

First of all I discover a wonderful and amazing person in TEO CIAVARELLA that without knowing me he treated me like a old friend, still thanks TEO!

I was honored to assist at the recording session in the recording studio of the “ART & MUSIC SCHOOL” of Bologna, where Geroge was called to record for the album of Teo…I’m waiting this to come out…what I heard that day WAS STUNNING!

After the recording me and George we went back to the hotel to be ready for the evening concert.

Concert started at 21h30, we had a nice and friendly dinner in the backstage with the band Marco Frattini (Drums), Joe Urbano (Bass), To Ciavarella (Piano), George Garzone (T. Sax). During the dinner I also met the wife of Teo, what a nice couple.

The concert was really BREATHTAKING the hall was full of jazz lovers that cames from far away to liste this sax giant of jazz. Right before the end George announced to the public my name and I was really happy to play the last song with them…”IMPRESSON” by Jhon Coltrane!

Here the picture of that night and a little video where unfortunately I’m in the back waiting for my solo, but the video stops before I start playing…anyway who cares…I was there and I WAS HAPPY!

Angelo Gregorio with George Garzone & Teo Ciavarella

cONCERTO A BOLOGNAGrazie per la foto a Giovanna Lombardo – Thanks for the picture!