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29/04 Osteria Agricola Toscana @ 19h30

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Osteria Agricola Toscana will celebrate its 3th anniversary with Angelo Gregorio.

Get ready to dive into a magical music journey.

This time Angelo Gregorio will take us of a walk through the years ’30 and ’40 in America and France. He will let you discover the New Orleans swing and then will cross the ocean to arrive to the jazz of Django Reinhart and Grappelli.

Special guest “Cyrano Vatel“ italian guitarist that will comping Angelo Gregorio on saxophones and voice, Julien Jillain on violin, piano and voice and Lucas Vanderputten on drums.

A very special evening full of great music form the America Swing and French Manouche with classics like: Nuages, Minor Swing, J’attendrai, It don’t mean a thing, Take the A train, Some of these days and many more!

Angelo Gregorio: saxs / voice

Cyrano Vatel: manouche guitar

Julien Gillain: violin / piano / voice

Lucas Vanderputten: drums

Who is Angelo Gregorio?
Born in Italy, Salerno, he arrives in Brussels in the 2009 with a diploma in classical saxophone. In the capital of Europe he took, at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, the Baccalaureate and the Master in Jazz Saxophone. He is an active artist in the Brussels jazz scene with several projects of different aims. In his concerts beside the attention to the musical aspect he takes care of the entertainment and educational aspect, helping the public to understand that music, in this case Jazz, is in a permanent and creative connection with all the other arts and draws, interprets and reworks events, values and traditions. Angelo Gregorio is also the arranger and conductor of the Italian Big Band of Brussels plus he is the art director of several venues in Brussels. More infos httP://