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20/11/19 Carte Blanche @ Music Village

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Ceci n’est pas un trio
Angelo Gregorio (sax/compositions) Julien Gillain (organ), Lucas Vanderputten (drums)

Angelo Gregorio is a very active Brussels jazz saxophonist and in this occasion will presents his trio and new album “Ceci n’est pas a trio”. By the name “Ceci n’est pas a trio” Angelo wants to give homage to the country that welcomed him ten years ago, Belgium, referring to Magritte’s surrealism. At the heart of this trio is the passion for the great era of New Orleans and Swing, which began with the first jazz records of ODJB in 1917 till the swing of the great orchestras of the 40s.
Angelo and his fellow musicians in addition to the high musical level, have a desire. Show the audience that music, in this case jazz, is in perennial connection with other arts, and draws, interprets and re-elaborates facts, values, ancient and actual traditions. Definitely a jazz trio that will swing you out of your chair!