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08/10/19 LIVE Hipster project @ Racines

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From october to december 2019, every beginning of the month, Racines, in collaboration with artist musician Angelo Gregorio present 3 greats events:

• Dinner + Show! Jazz shows are back @Racines!

how does it work?

From 19h30 to 21h, 4 courses Tasting Menù + 21h30 THE Show = 65€ drinks not included

or from 21h15 DRINK and Show for = 15€


Next and first event of the season:

Tuesday, October 8th

The Hipster Project – a hard-bop tribute

The Hipster Project is a collaboration of international artists from Belgium and Italy, working to develop a unique sound and musical performance. Based on the Hard- Bop Jazz Period, the result is an enthralling jazz band that will drive you through this East Coast 50’ Jazz period. We hope to present a unique kind of musical performance to the live stage, bringing audiences of all levels of musical and artistic appreciation together to connect with this musical style that reconsiders gospel and the blues.

The Hard-Bop Era

At the heart of The Hipster Project is a passion for the great Hard-Bop era, which blossomed in the 50s. This East American Jazz period was the most exciting and productive period, during which artists like B. Golson, A. Blakey, H. Silver, S. Rollins and many others composed and performed this new style of music that essentially formed their answer to the “Cool Sound” from the West. A stronger rhythmic emphasis was derived from gospel and rhythm’n’blues, while catchier refrains and more forceful solos revitalized the fundamental innovations of bebop that were not refuted but simply recast in a more accessible format. Thus bebop mutated into “Hard-Bop”.

Musical Repertoire

The Hipster Project draws from the vast repertoire of this jazz style, selecting works by Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, Jazz Messenger and Chick Corea, while other pieces have been composed and arranged by members of the group. Our repertoire is based on very famous Hard-Bop themes such as “Ecaroh”, “Infant Eyes”, “Nutville” and many others, but we have also decided to focus on bringing to light some much lesser known, but no less beautiful tunes, that also convey the essence of this musical period.


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